We bring proven results to the table.

Create trust and loyalty with your best players by authenticating them easily and effortlessly. Eliminate account takeovers, giving players the ultimate protection and confidence in your brand.

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One of our gaming customers cut fraud by 61% and saw ROI within 3 months.

Source: TechValidate

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100% of our gaming customers saw ROI 6 months or sooner.

Source: TechValidate

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100% of of our gaming industry customers confirm they can now easily identify patterns that indicate fraud.

Source: TechValidate

Authentication and fraud prevention designed for your industry.

You’ll be connected to our database of 5 billion devices, so when one connects to your site, you’ll immediately know if it’s good or bad, and whether you can trust it or not.

  • Reward your good customers.

    Combining the power of our device reputation intelligence to stop fraud, along with easy and effortless authentication, keeps your good players safe and playing more.

  • Prevent account takeovers.

    Our powerful player authentication blocks the bad guys from getting in and taking over your customers’ accounts. Stop gold farming and bonus abuse cold. Add an invisible layer of authentication based on device reputation, or stronger multifactor authentication.

  • Stop botnet attacks, while protecting your business and your profits.

    Our deep device intelligence and extensive experience in gaming fraud means we’re able to prevent bots from creating new, fraudulent accounts and stealing your earnings.

  • Easily and quickly welcome new players into your sites or apps.

    Through a combination of machine learning, device behavior and device reputation, we’re able to instantly recognize who is an honest player, and who is a repeat abuser. You’ll be able to reward good players with a VIP experience, while stopping fraudsters cold.

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SG Interactive was able to see the marvel of the iovation system immediately, and took action against 1,000+ fraudulent and problematic account users. iovation has given us the firepower necessary to feel confident about the promise we’ve made to each and every player … every last one of the millions we have.

Daniel Noss Game Operations Manager, SG North

We know what fraudsters are thinking and planning.

Instantly recognize and welcome your most important gamers. Flag fraudsters’ devices and block them from returning.

Greatly decrease threats from:

  • Gold farming
  • Payment fraud
  • Code hacking
  • Account takeover
  • Chat abuse
  • False declines

Trusted by some of the biggest names in gaming.