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iovation Knows About Keeping Valued Players Safe

The sheer scale and geographical spread of the online gaming universe makes it challenging to control for fraud. With device detection based on millions of global profiles, combined with machine learning, it is possible to protect against gaming fraud

iovation understands that the customer is king, which is why we work so hard to ensure you’re able to delight your customers with 99.98% guaranteed uptime and real-time automation that can return a recommendation in 100 milliseconds. 

Key Capabilities

Mitigate the impact of:

— all while keeping the good players in the game.

Creating a Winning Experience While Battling Online Fraud

Join iovation in this on-demand webinar to learn:

  • How minimizing friction for common activities like login can significantly improve player experience
  • How to distinguish your trusted customers from fraudsters, even if you've never seen them before
  • How to use emerging technology to incentivize your best and most trusted customers
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Provide a better player experience while telling fraudsters game over.

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